Aaron gets close at Sheffield, Kev finds it tough


SGB Championship Individual Finals at Owlerton Stadium

1st Craig Cook, 2nd Richard Lawson, 3rd Kyle Howarth, 4th Erik Riss

The Berwick "KLS" Bandits were both represented at yesterday's SGB Championship Riders' Individual Finals at the Sheffield Tigers' Owlerton Stadium by boasting Kevin Doolan and Aaron Summers lining up for the league's biggest individual championships.

Both Bandits were out in Heat Two, initially led well by Summers until Richard Lawson (Lakeside) shot hard inside the Berwick man coming off bend four of the opening lap to take an unbeatable lead with Doolan at the rear.

Summers was out again in the fifth and again took an early lead from the gate but was swiftly relegated to second when Sheffield's second representative, Kyle Howarth flew round him on the first bend, but it was four points for Summer from two rides.

After Doolan took a second last place in Heat Six, he was out again in Heat Nine Doolan gated in third place and took the third place point at the flag behind Worrall and Erik Riss of Edinburgh to take his first point of the evening, only for Summers to end up stone last in the 10th heat as Cook sailed off into the sunset again for an easy three points over Wright and Josh Auty of Scunthorpe.

Tero Aarnio won Heat 16 despite a massive last lap charge from Auty who over did it, going for a gap that wasn't there and high-sided it, crashing to the ground allowing Doolan through for second and Aarnio the win.

Summers had already win the re-run of Heat 15 when Barker had thought he had the win in the bag but the Bandit took the widest of wide lines on bend two to soar round him and take up the big lead for three points.

With one ride left each, Doolan was already looking to join his fans on the first bend with only three points to his name while Aarnio and Summers were on seven a piece and as they met in Heat 20 it remained to be seen if either could win that race, take three points, and sneak into the semi final by the skin of their teeth.

Doolan took a last in Heat 19 before the crunch heat his the track and going into bend one Aarnio took up the lead ahead of Summers with Riss in third, but the Edinburgh star hit the gas hard and rode the boards perfectly to shoot round from third to first, taking up a big lead and putting himself into the semi, Aarnio missing out by one, and Summers by two points ending their nights.

Cook won the semi over Riss, putting both into the final as Wright and Proctor missed out while Riss took a last in the final won by new Champion Craig Cook who took the gold over silver Lawson and bronze Howarth.

Individual Riders' Score Chart (qualification rides - Programme order)

1. Michael Palm Toft (Peterborough) 2,1,0,1,1 = 5
2. Charles Wright (Sheffield) 3,3,2,0,1 = 9
3. Ben Barker (Redcar) 1,0,3,2,2 = 8
4. Tero Aarnio (Newcastle) 0,2,2,3,2 = 9
5. Aaron Summers (Berwick) 2,2,0,3,1 = 8
6. Kevin Doolan (Berwick) 0,0,1,2,0 = 3
7. Richard Lawson (Lakeside) 3,3,0,3,2 = 11
8. Ricky Wells (Edinburgh) 1,N2,1,2,2 = 6
9. Nico Covatti (Ipswich) 0,0,0,1,0 = 1
10. Ty Proctor (Workington) 2,1,3,Fx,3 = 9
11. Erik Riss (Edinburgh) 3,1,3,1,3 = 11
12. Craig Cook (Glasgow) 1,3,3,R,3 = 10
13. Kyle Howarth (Sheffield) 3,3,1,3,1 = 11
14. Scott Nicholls (Peterborough) 0,2,2,2,0 = 6
15. Josh Auty (Scunthorpe) 2,2,1,F,Ns = 5
16. Steve Worrall (Scunthorpe) 1,E,2,1,3 = 7

Reserve Kyle Bickley (Workington) 1,0 = 1