Etheridge and Jonasson find the Pairs hard going


Berwick Bandits brought their season to an official close last night at Somerset's staging of the SGB Championship Pairs Championship which saw the best two riders from all 11 clubs battling against each other.

Berwick's opening gambit was no better against Redcar's Bears as Erik Riss gated only for Jye Etheredge went round him off bend three as Jordan Stewart passed Tomas H. Jonasson at he conclusion of lap three before Riss re-rook Etheridge only for the Bandit to clip the Bear's rear when and take out the air fence in dramatic style, yet the Berwick Aussie got to his feet an walked back to the pits as the race was awarded against the Northumbrians, 7-2.

Etheridge and Jonasson were back in action in Heat 11 against Leicester's Scott Nicholls and Ryan Douglas, but the Lions took no prisoners from the gate and hammered in an easy 7-2 leaving Berwick sitting on four points from two races.

The Bandit's challenge basically came to an end with the withdrawal of Etheridge after his earlier crash, and with pairs scoring being 4,3,2,0 his absence scuppered the Berwick hopes as Jonasson came out solo in Heat 16 , mathematically incapable of taking a heat advantage, yet the loan Bandit made the best race of the night to win after passing and repassing Scunthorpe's Jake Allen and Ben Barker, all of whom led at one time of another, but it was still a Scorpion win 5-4.

Berwick's last qualification came in the 20th race against Sheffield's Danny King and Kyle Howarth who gated and blocked the Bandit in a Tigers' 7-2 ending Berwick's night on 10 points.

Glasgow and Birmingham made it to the final with the Tigers winning 6-3.