Bandits take stunning victory at Newcastle


Newcastle "Boiler Technical Services" Diamonds 39
Berwick "Mike Hope of Wooler Ltd" Bandits (Powered by Clear Energy Consulting) 51
SGB Championship Shield - Border Group
(Photo: Steve Brock)
Berwick "Mike Hope of Wooler Ltd" Bandits (Powered by Clear Energy Consulting) took the 52-38 win over the Newcastle "Boiler Technical Services" Diamonds at Berwick 24 hours earlier in the Championship Shield (Borders Group), leaving the Diamonds smarting for revenge last night at Brough Park, but no one told the Bandits who looked upon it as a job half done, and it needed completing, and in doing do took a stunning four Shield points back for their exceptional efforts.

The Bandits had the early upper hand on Saturday, and last night at Brough Berwick riders took the winners' flag in two of the first three races, Heat One taken by Aaron Summers over Steve Worrall as part of a Berwick 2-4 while Max Clegg won the second and Kevin Doolan the third well over Matthew Wethers taking the score to 8-10, but looking significantly faster away from the gate than the subdued Diamonds.

Thomas Jorgensen took the lead in Heat Four off bend two round Nikolaj Busk Jakobsen with Danny Phillips taking a third placed point in a home 4-2 to level the match at 12-12, then after another 3-3, Busk Jakobsen shot away to lead Heat Six to win well as Coty Garcia and Simon Lambert passed and repassed in a great battle only for Lambert lifting violently off bend four of the last lap to end the challenge in a Berwick 2-4 putting Berwick 17-19 ahead.

Berwick then extended their lead to 18-24 with a win for Garcia and Doolan over Jorgensen while Etheridge defied the odds to take a win in Heat Eight as Lambert overhauled Flint to take second in a Bandits' 2-4 moving their lead on further to 20-28.

Busk Jakobsen and Garcia then took another visitors' 1-5 in Heat Nine over Bjerre and Wethers to push the Bandits into a 12-point lead before the Diamonds used a tactical substitute to bring in Jorgensen for Lambert but he was kept in third behind Doolan while Worrall was away out in front for a Newcastle heat advantage narrowing the gap slightly to 25-35.

Jorgensen then won Heat 11 after making a solid gate over Summers who fought back but had to settle for second in the home 4-2 again narrowing the lead to only eight points, but there were only four races left on the card, and in the 12th Bjerre and Clegg combined over Garcia to take a home maximum and take the gap down to four points.

Busk Jakobsen and Summers however made light work from the gate to lead a vibrant Jorgensen in third to the flag to take another Bandit's 1-5 meaning with two heats to go Newcastle could only pull back a draw.

Garcia completed a 12 point tally with a win in Heat 14, a 2-4 in Heat 14 guaranteeing a Bandits' win on the night, sealed with another Berwick 2-4 in the final race won by Busk Jakobsen over Worrall and Summers in third ending the night 39-51 triggering a rare chance for the Berwick support to celebrate a solid, decisive win on Tyneside,

Berwick Manager Gary Flint was a happy boss, saying: "I've seen Berwick racing down here at Newcastle many time but I cannot remember as dominant a performance from any Berwick team ever before. Our guys just want to win, and the bond together to make sure that is what we do. Team spirit is all at Berwick, and a decent standard of gating didn't go unnoticed tonight. Brilliant stuff, what more can I say?"

Individual Riders' Score Chart

Newcastle "Boiler Technical Services" Diamonds 39

Steve Worrall (captain) 2,2,3,0,2 = 9
Simon Lambert 0,F,2,T/S = 2
Lasse Bjerre 1*,2,1,2* = 6+2
Matthew Wethers 2,1*,0,R = 3+1
Thomas Jorgensen 3,1,1,3,1,0 = 9
Max Clegg (r) 3,0,1,3,2 = 9
Danny Phillips (r) 0,1,R,N = 1
Berwick "Mike Hope of Wooler Ltd" Bandits (Powered by Clear Energy Consulting) 51

Aaron Summers 3,3,2,2*,1 = 11+1
Jye Etheridge 1,0,3,N = 4
Dany Gappmaier 0,N,0,0 = 0
Kevin Doolan (captain) 3,2*,2,1 = 8+1
Nikolaj Busk Jakobsen 2,3,3,3,3 = 12+1
Coty Garcia (r) 2,1,3,2*,0,1,3 = 12+1
Leon Flint (r) 1*,0,1,N = 2+1