Bandits washed out leading by 4 after 6 at Ipswich


Ipswich Witches: 16
Berwick Bandits: 20
SGB Championship

Abandoned after six heats due to rain - Result does not stand

Sitting in fifth and sixth place respectively in the current SGB Championship league table, Ipswich and Berwick clashed last night with a win for either elevating them back into the vital play-off too four positions, with both teams fully aware of how important the result was going to be.

Witches' guest, Lakeside's Richard Lawson lined up in Heat One and shot away to win well from the off ahead of Aaron Summers and Kevin Doolan who tied the heat as did Dany Gappmaier and Theo Pijper in the second behind the new wonder-kid, just 16-year-old Drew Kemp taking the early score to a tied 6-6.

Jye Etheridge hit the tapes at the start of Heat Three with Pijper coming in to replace him, and with David Howe romping around out in front with consummate ease, the chasing Mark Riss went from second to last in less than two laps for Pijper to nick a good Bandits 2-4 putting the visitors into a 8-10 lead.

However with Lawson dominant again in the fourth he took the win over Nikolaj Busk Jakobsen who passed Kemp at the end of the first lap to balance the match again, 12-12, but with Doolan and Summers ready to pounce in Heat Six as Nico Covatti took a fall, the 1-5 put Berwick 13-17 ahead.

Busk Jakobsen won the sixth in another share over Lawson, Cameron Heeps and Gappmaier, but with the score tantalisingly at Ipswich 16 and Berwick 20 the heavens opened and quickly rained the meeting off.

Unfortunately with only six heats completed, the result does not stand and a rescheduled date now needs to be sorted out in the very near future.

Individual Rides' Score Chart:

Ipswich: Richard Lawson (guest) 8, Cameron Heeps 1+1, Nico Covatti 2, Mark Riss 1, Rory Schlein - Rider replacement, Coty Garcia 0, Drew Kemp 4

Berwick: Aaron Summers 4+1, Kevin Doolan (captain) 4+1, Jye Etheridge 0, David Howe 3, Nikolaj Busk Jakobsen 5, Dany Gappmaier 2, Theo Pijper 2+1