Bandits beat Ipswich Flint is Brit Youth 500 Champ


Bandits take sensational win at Ipswich
Leon Flint takes British Youth (500cc) Championship Title
Bickley leaves best till last to win Stars of Tomorrow 2018
Sam Hagon wins Berwick round of British Youth (250cc) Championships

Ipswich Witches 43
Berwick "KLS" Bandits (Powered by Mike Hope of Wooler) 47
SGB Championship

Following a famous victory at Edinburgh the night before, the Berwick "KLS" Bandits (Powered by Mike Hope, Wooler) travelled to Ipswich last night for a last hurrah with four league points the aim of the game to cling on to a slender play-off place, although even a win by seven or more would still need Lakeside to lose to both Newcastle and Peterborough, which was a bit of a long-shot, as it was with Newcastle losing to Lakeside, the superb Bandits' win could only gain a final fifth place for the Bandits in the SGB Championship - but what a magnificent effort that's been for the Bandits over the whole season.

The Bandits were at full strength against a home side with Paul Starke and Thomas Jorgensen guesting, and rider replacement for Danny King, with his first covering race going to Nico Covatti from the gate aver his partner Cameron Heeps with Aaron Summers in third for a home 5-1.

Theo Pijper roared from the Heat Two gate to win well over Coty Garcia and Drew Kemp to share the heat 3-3 before Jye Etheridge touched the tapes at the start of Heat Three, going off 15 metre in the re-run which ended up a 4-2 won by Covatti over Kevin Doolan.

Heat Four needed two re-runs after Kemp touched the tapes then Garcia fell causing and all-four back, and in that re-run Thomas Jorgensen flew away to win over Nikolaj Busk Jakobsen and Pijper in a shared 3-3 taking the scores to 15-9, but Summers and Howe excelled in Heat Five, passing Covatti to take a fine 1-5 over him and Starke to narrow the gap to 16-14.

Heat Six ended a 4-2 to the Witches after a solid gate from Heeps and Busk Jakobsen while Kemp took third over Gappmaier after Jorgensen had been excluded for breaking the tapes with the score now 20-16, and after two more good heats - both 2-4s won by Doolan and Howe respectively, for the Bandits, the match was tied at the end of Heat Eight 24-24.

Busk Jakobsen won Heat Nine over Covatti and Starke to share the heat with Gappmaier at the back taking the score to 27-27, with the tightly balanced match remaining tied 30-30 after Heat 10's win from Heeps over Doolan and Etheridge.

Unfortunately Garcia was excluded for a tapes infringement with Kemp and Jorgensen hitting hard in Heat 11 taking the 5-1 over Summers and Howe to put Ipswich back up by four points, 35-31 with four heats to go, but then ended up 39-33 down after Covatti took the win in Heat 12 over Etheridge as Kemp held Pijper at the back.

However Summers took the win from the gate in Heat 13 ahead of Jorgensen who held out Busk Jakobsen to return the favour and tighten it up again, and then with Doolan and Pijper getting the max over Starke and Garcia, going into the final it was tied 42-42 with one race to go
Brilliantly Summers and Doolan took full control of the vital last heat easing ahead for a fine 1-5 over Covatti and Jorgensen to take three league points and seal fifth place in the league for the Border side.

Individual Riders' Score Chart:

Ipswich: Danny King - Rider replacement, Cameron Heeps 10+1, Nico Covatti 13, Paul Starke (guest) 2+1, Thomas Jorgensen (guest) 9+1, Coty Garcia 3, Drew Kemp 6+1

Berwick: Aaron Summers 11, David Howe 5+1, Jye Etheridge 4+1, Kevin Doolan 12, Nikolaj Busk Jakobsen 8, Dany Gappmaier 0, Theo Pijper 7+2


Berwick: NO LIMITS Stars of Tomorrow Individual Championship Powered by NGK Spark Plugs

FINAL result:
1st. Kyle Bickley, 2nd Joe Lawlor, 3rd Leon Flint, 4th Luke Ruddick

Last night saw the 33rd staging of Berwick's Junior Championships, the Stars of Tomorrow, first run in 1970 and won by Jim Gallacher, with Nathan Greaves the last recipient last season, with Berwick's Leon Flint undoubtedly the pre-meeting favourite for 2018.

It was Luke Ruddick who opened the event with a win from the gate ahead of Alex Spooner as Corban Pavitt had a brilliant race with Kieran Douglas, just passing his on the run to the chequered flag in a stunning move off bend four, while Flint shot away to win Heat Two comfortably over Danny Phillips .

Kyle Bickley made the third three pointer taking the third race from the gate ahead of Connor Coles who was being chased hard by Joe Lawlor all race, getting closer all the way, before Bickley powered away to lead Heat Four ahead of Lawlor to knock his total up to six points setting himself up to be one of the leaders for the final.

Tom Woolley made the Heat Five gate, briefly challenged by Kean Dicken, but soon Dicken was challenged himself by Bowen, then Pavitt, both of whom passed him before Flint made it another easy win in the sixth well ahead of Connor Coles who only just stayed on his bike after a hairy opening bend.

Bickley took his score to nine after another cracking win in Heat Seven while Lawlor stormed Heat Eight well ahead of Phillips as the top four started to take shape as Flint again took his third win out of three taking another big win over Lawlor in an awarded heat after Coles took a dive round the outside of the third bend, colliding with the polyfoam fence taking a fast fall, but thankfully was in good shape after he got back to his feet, but did withdraw from his next ride.

Bickley finished his qualifiers unbeaten taking a solid win in Heat 10 over Woolley to finish on 12 points while Blair Smith came in as reserve for Coles in Heat 11, before Ruddick took that race well to total 10 points from his four qualification outings, and as expected Flint won Heat 12 after a severe challenge from Lawlor over the last lap, to end his entry to the final on 12 points, the same as Bickley

In the semi final Lawlor made a hash of his first bend but was in second place after a wild opening lap chasing hard behind Ruddick, gaining all the way but Ruddick held his own to win, but both lads were in the final with Flint and Bickley.

In the final Bickley rolled and all four were called back with a warning for Bickley, while in the re-run he again appeared to move a little early, taking a solid lead which the chasing Lawlor couldn't over turn as Flint had to settle for Bronze.

Individual Riders' Score Chart (programme order)

Kieran Douglas 2, Luke Ruddick 10, Corban Pavitt 3, Alex Spooner 4, Danny Phillips 6, Ken Dicken 1, Leon Flint 12, Tom Woolley 7, Joe Lawlor 7, Paul Bowen 4, Kyle Bickley 12, Connor Coles 4


Berwick: British Youth Speedway Championship 500cc Division

FINAL result:
1st. Leon Flint , 2nd. Jordan Palin, 3rd. Harry McGurk, 4th. Corban Pavitt

Leon Flint opened up his account by roaring from the Heat One gate to lead by nearly half a lap to win well in a seriously fast time of 67.3 seconds and with the series domination that Flint has shown, his three points over Elliot Kelly, Mickie Simpson and Bailey Fellows gave him the championship there and then, and he took an other easy victory in his second ahead of Jordan Paine who turned in a decent race in his own right.

Flint took the third heat as well, but with Corban Pavitt behind, the level of victory wasn't as great with Pavitt a regular for Buxton, while Flint made it four out of four to end his qualification races on a 12 maximum as Palin raced well for a second place.

Simpson withdrew from Heat Five with continuing bike problems which delayed his first two outings, and it was Palin who shot away to lead as Pavitt chased, but a bit too hard as he overcooked the third bend and went down ending his challenge.

Simpson shot back to fame in Heat Six taking the three points after a over-fast challenge from Kelly who fell in the process, causing an awarded heat, while Palin took Heat Seven over Pavitt leaving the final to be contested by Flint on 10, Palin on 10, McGurk and Pavitt on five each.

In the final Pavitt went down hard on the third bend of the first lap to be excluded from the re-run after spinning round at speed, and in that re-run Flint made the perfect gate to take a good win over Palin to win in style.

Individual Riders' Score Chart (Programmed order)

Leon Flint 12, Elliot Kelly 4, Jordan Palin 10, Bailey Fellows 1, Mickie Simpson 4, Harry McGurk 5, Corban Pavitt 5


Berwick: British Youth Championship 250cc Division

FINAL result:

1st. Sam Hagon , 2nd. Sam Peters, 3rd. Cooper Henderson

After two heats of the four qualifications battle, Sam Hagon roared away for two solid wins by at least half a lap ahead of Cooper Henderson in Heat Two having defeated Sam Peters in the first race, but there was a decent race at the back in Heat Two between Peters, Henderson and McPherson.

Hagon again leapt from the Heat Three gate to take up a massive lead of half a lap after just two laps, with McPherson and Henderson battling inches apart, but going into the third bend McPherson got too close and hit the back wheel of Henderson, falling awkwardly.

With Henderson withdrawn with suspected concussion, Hagon again stormed Heat Four to finish hos qualifications on 12 points with Henderson taking six, Peters five and McPherson on one.

In the final Henderson flipped at the start and ended up on his back with his bike clattering down in him which amazingly didn't put him out of the re-run, in which Hagon completed a fine nights work to win over Peters and Henderson, who was lapped by Hagon on his last lap, but despite his exclusion still took third place.

Individual Riders' Score Chart (Programme order)

Josh McPherson 1, Cooper Henderson 6, Sam Peters 5, Sam Hagon 12