Bandits take one league point at Peterborough


Peterborough Panthers: 47
Berwick Bandits: 43
SGB Championship

The Berwick Bandits still have a slim chance of making the SGB Championship league title play-offs if they can regain their fourth place in the table, but in order to do so need to perform on their top form in their remaining away matches.

Yesterday evening they got off to a decent start at the Peterborough Panthers with skipper Kevin Doolan whipping up past Emil Grondal to lead Heat One in a shared 3-3, the same score as Heat Two won by Simon Lambert for the home side over Dany Gappmaier and Theo Pijper.

Bradley Wilson Dean and Michael Palm Toft broke the mould taking advantage of Jye Etheredge's engine packing in at the start with David Howe taking third in a home 5-1 putting Peterborough four ahead, but a stonking 1-5 from Doolan and Summers in Heat Six over Wilson Dean and a retired Palm Toft levelled the match again 15-15.

Grondal made amends in Heat Six by winning well over Thomas Jorgensen who worked hard to hold out Nikolaj Busk Jakobsen as the two were locked in battle throughout, but the home 5-1 took the scores to 20-16 before Heat Seven needed re-running after an incident with Ostergaard and Etheridge on the opening bend, but in the re-run Etheridge shot from the gate to win well over Ostergaard as Howe held Lambert at the back in a Bandits' 2-4 moving the score on to 22-20.

It was level again after a Heat Eight 2-4 won by over the Panthers' guest Jordan Stewart from Redcar, but with Doolan keeping Grondal at the rear, the score was now 24-24, only for a home 5-1 in he ninth and a 4-2 in Heat 10 put Berwick gazing up at a 33-27 deficit with five races left on the card after the interval.

After which Summers blitzed Heat 11 with ease to win over Ostergaard and Etheridge in third gave Berwick another 2-4 advantage narrowing the gap to four once more, and it looked set to level again in Heat 12 but for Wilson Dean caught Pijper's rear wheel causing him to lift and end up at the back in a shared heat, the same result as Heat 13 taking the score to 41-37 with two to go.

Lambert took the 14th as Pijper and Palm Toft battled well, but the 4-2 left Berwick just missing out on the win, but one league point provided they didn't lose the last race, and with Summers winning well from the gate and Etheridge taking third, that one point was Berwick's as they lost out 47-43 overall.

Bandits boss, Scott Courtney said: "We really proved we want to go out with a bang tonight and gave Peterborough something to really get their teeth in to and five of our guys took at least one win, and the other two rode so hard, David Howe in particular rode so well for his two points after severely face-planting a grass-track on the continent at high speed thanks to a snapping chain just 24 hours earlier, so that's bravery for you! Our spirit lives on and flies high! We can still hold our heads up and be proud!"

Individual Riders' Score Chart:

Peterborough Panthers 47

Thomas Jorgensen (guest) 2,2*,3,2,2 = 11+1
Emil Grondal 1*,3,0,1 = 5+1
Bradley Wilson Dean 3,1,3,2,0 = 9
Michael Palm Toft 2*,R,2*,1 = 5+2
Ulrich Ostergaard (c) 0,2,2,1* = 5+1
Simon Lambert (r) 3,0,1*,3 = 7+1
Jordan Stewart (guest) (r) 0,3,2,0 = 5

Berwick "KLS" Bandits (Powered by Mike Hope of Wooler) 43

Aaron Summers 0,2*,3,3,3 = 11+1
Kevin Doolan (c) 3,3,1,1 = 8
Jye Etheridge R,3,2,3,1 = 9
David Howe 1,1,0,N = 2
Nikolaj Busk Jakobsen 2,1,1,0 = 4
Dany Gappmaier (r) 2,0,0,0 = 2
Theo Pijper (r) 1*,1*,3,0,2 = 7+2