Bandits need triumphs at Monarchs & Witches


It's crunch time for the Berwick "KLS" Bandits (Powered by Mike Hope of Wooler) and their hosts on Friday night at Armadale, the Edinburgh Monarch with both desperate to take maximum SGB Championship league points from their last matches, starting on Friday at 7.30pm.

The Monarchs currently occupy that last fourth-place in the table on 35 points with their last match on Friday while Berwick, holder of fourth for so long in 2018, are in seventh place on 31 points with four open to the Bandits to take with a win of seven or more points, then, level on points with the Monarchs, the Bandits would need to go to Ipswich on Saturday night (when the club host their Stars of Tomorrow championship and 500cc and 250cc British Youth Championship Finals at Shielfield Park at 6.30pm) and again made a solid shove for success.

Both original matches saw the Bandits leading when the heavens opened an wiped out their excellent away efforts, which has added to their total determination to make sure, weather permitting, they have to carry on where they left off, starting in Edinburgh on Friday but as Scott Courtney, Berwick's manager explained, they may not be at full strength.

"David Howe is a brave and fearless speedway rider," he said: "but even the toughest can suffer at the hands of a major crash, as he did last weekend in his grasstrack exploits and took a massively heavy landing which knocked the stuffing out of the guy and despite him declaring himself fit for last week's match at Peterborough he found the going too painful to put up with so sensibly we are awaiting a late fitness call on him to see it he is fit our not, and if not then we can use rider replacement to cover his rides.

"Either way we will be giving it our all on Friday, and indeed Saturday at Ipswich, because we've led at both tracks already before the rain did its worst on our first attempts, so we know we can take advantage of these teams, and we need to if we are to get a place in the play-offs, which is a long shot, we know, but we have to do our best to give ourselves a decent chance of glory!"

Friday's Line-up

Edinburgh: Ricky Wells, Victor Palovaara, Josh Pickering, Richie Worrall, Erik Riss (captain), William Lawson, Gino Manzares (Guest)

Berwick: Aaron Summers, Kevin Doolan (captain), Jye Etheridge, David Howe (subject to late fitness check 0r rider-replacement), Nikolaj Busk Jakobsen, Dany Gappmaier, Theo Pijper