Bandits celebrate victory at Edinburgh


Edinburgh Monarchs: 42
Berwick Bandits: 48
SGB Championship

In order to give themselves a slim chance of making the SGB Championship league's top four, and a place in the play-offs, the Berwick "KLS" Bandits went to the Edinburgh Monarchs last night knowing it was all or nothing last night then again tonight when the Bandits battle at the Ipswich Witches, but to make that a valid event, glory had to be gained in Armadale.

Aaron Summers won Heat One from the gate in a shared 3-3 before the Bandits went ahead in Heat Two which was won convincingly by Berwick's Theo Pijper ahead of the comeback kid, our for over 5 season and now back, former Newcastle top man, William Lawson, and with Dany Gappmaier in third, giving Berwick the 5-7 lead.

Kevin Doolan and Jye Etheridge looked set to take another 2-4 with Richie Worrall sitting in second place until the Monarch slid off late of with the race being stopped, Worrall excluded and the race awarded a Bandits' 1-5 followed up by another Berwick 2-4 as Nikolaj Busk Jakobsen became Berwick's fourth heat winner in four races as the score went up to 8-16.

Worrall missed the two-minute allowance in Heat Five and was replaced by Gino Manzares, but he fell late on, on bend two and was excluded with another awarded 1-5 to Berwick who now unbelievably found themselves 12 points ahead at 9-21.

Following a shared Heat Six, won by Busk Jakobsen, the rampant travellers took their seventh win in seven Heat as Etheridge took he chequered flag in the seventh ahead of his captain Doolan, blocking all the efforts of Erik Riss to get by, but another Berwick max was recorded, putting Berwick 13-29 ahead.

Two shared races followed, won by Victor Palovaara and Worrall opening the home side's three-point account, but the gap remained the same at 16 points in the visitor's favour, but Edinburgh were fighting back with Ricky Wells making the Heat 10 gate and led all the way over Doolan who held off the charge of Palovaara behind in the home side's first heat advantage, 4-2 narrowing the gap to 23-37.

Edinburgh's charge continued in the 11th as Lawson and Riss romped to a 5-1 over Summers and David Howe taking the gap down to 10 and then flung in Worrall as a tactical substitute in the 12th as Berwick replaced Etheridge with reserve Pijper who won the heat in fine style over the two Monarchs in a shared race taking the score line to 31-41 leaving Edinburgh the task of taking four maximums out of four to rescue the match.

Come Heat 13 they got the first from Riss and Wells over Busk Jakobsen and Summers, leaving it all to play for and Berwick still desperate to take a win by more than seven for all four points available, and whilst Heat 14's 3-3, won by Worrall over Pijper and Doolan secured a fine away win for Berwick, the six point lead would only gain Berwick three championship points, so Heat 15 was still all-important.

However with Wells taking the win over Pijper and Busk Jakobsen, the fourth point was lost for Berwick who were still fully delighted with their unexpected win in the best build up for tonight's battle at Ipswich to come.

Team manager Scott Courtney said: "These guys are the best and they rode their socks off to get this win tonight. As everyone in speedway knows we usually go badly round Edinburgh, so to get this win tonight is nothing short of brilliant!"

Individual Riders' Score Chart:

Edinburgh "Staggs Bar" Monarchs 42

Ricky Wells (c) 1*,2,3,2*,3 = 11+2
Victor Palovaara 2,1*,3,1 = 7+1
Josh Pickering 1,1,R,2 = 4
Richie Worrall F,3,1*,3 = 7+1
Erik Riss 0,1,2*,3,0 = 6+1
William Lawson (r) 2,0,3,0 = 5
Gino Manzares (guest) (r) 0,2,Fx,F = 2

Berwick "KLS" Bandits (Powered by Mike Hope of Wooler) 48

Aaron Summers 3,3,1,0 = 7
David Howe R,2*,2,0 = 4+1
Jye Etheridge 2*,3,0,N = 5+1
Kevin Doolan (c) 3,2*,2,1* = 8+2
Nikolaj Busk Jakobsen 3,3,2,1,1* = 10+1
Dany Gappmaier (r) 1,0,1*,0 = 2+1
Theo Pijper (r) 3,1,1*,3,2,2 = 12+1