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We now find ourselves officially in March, the month where all the best folks are born, winter becomes well, marginally less wintry and we finally hear the roar of 500cc single cylinder machines rip snorting round Shielfield Park, a new and improved Shielfield Park I might add.

Talking of which, how good does our race strip look in the recent photos on social media? Ian Rae, George Hepburn and the rest of the guys involved in this deserve a huge pat on the back for the sterling efforts in what can only be described as somewhat challenging weather conditions.

With the new track being wider, there should hopefully be an improvement on the entertainment as the riders will have new lines to try and it really has got me looking forward to some “Speedway from the Gods” as some might say.

There does seem to be a bit more positivity coming out of our little club and it is great to see. So often people are quick to pick fault and criticise but in truth, our promotion deserve huge praise for not only getting the track improvements carried out, but for having the foresight to realise it was required.

In actuality, it was probably just as big a job getting the improvements agreed to and green lighted as it was carrying out the work itself, and I truly hope that they are rewarded for the fruits of their labour with big crowds and obscene racing.

Not too much to ask, is it?

Of course with a new track comes a new track record, as it would appear that Craig Cook’s days as the fastest man around Shielfield are numbered, or are they?

He will lead his Glasgow side into battle on our opening night and will be keen to hold on to his accolade, and in fairness to him he is capable of breaking every track record in the country on any given night so it isn’t beyond the realms of possibility.

However it did get me wondering, has any rider been both the last track record holder of a track prior to alteration, and the first track record holder after the alterations?

Answers on a postcard if you will...

Of course it might be irrelevant anyway as we may bear witness to Aaron Summers claiming it as his own, leaving all in his dust.

Dany Gappmaier wasnt exactly a slouch around the old Shielfield track, what’s to say he won’t come up with something special around it's even more open spaces?

Then of course Jye Etheridge isn’t a stranger to some Cookie Slaying either now is he?

I guess we will find out when the “Theatre of Dreams 2.0” reopens for season number 53!

Ah Speedway Season, it’s been a while!

Can you feel it? Can you sense it? Here it comes...we are literally that close!

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