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Yes folks! It’s here!

It’s time to get the heating on; long johns on; pyjamas on and the curtains closed by 5pm!

You get where I am going with all this..... yep, winter is looming!

What to say about season 2019 for the Bandits as it comes to an end?

Well, it’s fifth place... again!

Should we be happy considering we were expected to finish lower? Should we be disappointed considering the points we potentially threw away?

My views... a mixture of both!

In my household I’m known as the eternal optimist! I, for some reason, tend to expect more from my team than the general speedway fan (and I’m talking over the years, not just this one). Part of that is the hope. the dream of seeing my team lift a 7 man trophy... the other part is because truthfully, I see seven damn talented names on our team sheet and think “this is our time”.

We came so close last year. One heartbreaking point which we know could be put down to a home loss against the Comets... we should have done it this year but threw away points that we should have held on to, I.e. Somerset and Sheffield and our solitary home loss to the Bears. But a plus side to look at after the downside; accounting for the fact we lost Spud & NBJ in shocking-looking incidents..

I’m sure none of us will forget those last two matches... and the proof that when we do click, we are a forceful team!

We also made a semi-final for the last time in as many years (only losing out to the eventual winners).

In the grand scheme of things though, this tiny little club of ours is surviving against the odds and this is the biggest success on its own... look at the clubs below us!

That is success in itself is it not? You don’t think so?

Why not ask Workington... ask Hull... Newport... Exeter... I’m sure you get me now!

We’ve got a future to look forward to here at Berwick! We’ve got a supporters club and a promotion working together!

More monthly income that will be greatly welcomed by the promotion!

This town needs speedway ‘cos by God it’s hardly got a football team now (oops!). The revenue it generates bringing fans from all over the country to our little border paradise.. well, this town would be sadder without it!

We’ve got our end of season dance this weekend! Time to wind down and come together as one for the last time in 2019! And it’s back at the Black and Gold which means good things for me and the hubby... no taxi needed for the stagger home…..

Oh, and another little meeting happening this weekend in Toruń! I’m sure some of my friends will be heading out there (I ain’t jealous -- much). No doubt it’s gonna be a wet one if home boy Bartosz Zmarzlik can hold on and finally become World Champion --- and this time he has earned it.

He has been the best rider of the series. He’s held on and not bottled it like previous years, and the scary thing is his age and the many years of his career he still has left!

There will be more young Poles like him coming through as well, such is their dominance at the minute!

Right folks... I’m toodling off the noo.. see some of you on Saturday….
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