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Almost there folks....

2019 is almost over!! For those of us who tuned into BT Sports on Tuesday night, we saw a very polished display from the best team in the league as the Robins picked up an 8 point advantage at Ipswich to take into their 2nd leg of the play off final tonight.

We’ve seen Redcar lose out by 2 points on aggregate to Leicester in the PO Semi Final which sets up a Leicester vs Glasgow final.

And in the National League, we've seen Leicester pick up a 28 point advantage in their home leg to take to Kent. That should do!

Oh, and we’re still waiting for the 2nd leg of the KO Cup Final to be ridden between Newcastle and Redcar!

Why, oh why though, are these fixtures still going on, this far into October when there were so many days without fixtures in the summer that they could have been raced off, meaning an earlier finish!?

Definitely a thing that needs looked at for next year!

Which means November, 2019, should prove to be a very interesting month for British Speedway fans.

We’ll be hearing the outcome from the annual BSPA AGM and there should be no doubt that this year will be more important than most.

The sport has already lost Stoke for certain as they’ve sadly ridden their last ever meeting at Loomer Road... we look to be losing Cradley as they’ve said they will not be carrying on next season and rumours are circulating that both Kent and Plymouth want to step back up from National League!

And in a shock move (to some), yesterday came the news that the Poole Pirates will be requesting to step down to race in the Championship.

So with that being known, it doesn’t take a genius to work out that a top league with only 6 teams and a bottom league with only 6 teams isn’t going to work!

Where does British Speedway go though, other than with a massive restructure?

This is a sport which, for some reason, in Britain has hit the slums – but why?

What’s different in Britain compared to that of say Poland.. and please, no smart arses tell me the size of the country for starters!

How do the Poles continuously rack up 4 and 5 figure attendances!?

What appeal does it have over in Europe that we seem to have lost here?

Answers on a postcard please (or to the e-mail below)……

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