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Welcome to 2020 folks!

The sun is not yet shining here... we have very limited blue sky.. and a major January slump is well and truly in force right now....


The countdown to March is certainly on! Before we go anywhere I must open to say huge condolences to the McDougall family for the very recent sad loss of Ronnie. Ronnie, and also his late wife Cathy, were a very well known couple who will be a big miss to many on the terraces and in Ronnie’s case, abroad on Czech tours this year.

Fly high with the Devils Tea, Ronnie xx

Anyways, Xmas and New Year gone... speedway fixture list release imminent!

March is a-coming! We’ve had news lately of our Jye picking up another injury (Speedy Recovery please Jye); Leon racking up the points down under; the big news at Xmas of our track work going ahead; our 2020 team to be in team kevlars (which I’m a big fan of in all honesty -- and main/back-up sponsors being named!

All is looking a little bit rosy in Bandit land at the minute!

There’s been a couple of interesting things announced at BSPA towers was recently….. The first of these was the transfer window in the Premiership, something that’s been a long time coming, the deliberate, clear manipulation of averages is now limited to only two per season (at which I’m doing a little jig)...

If you build a team, you’re going to have to generally stick and work through the inevitable difficulties!

Also, Gary Havelock to manage Poole! Former Pirate he is so he does have some history there but taking into account his ill-fated time with us, is he what Poole really needs in their new era for them?

It was also announced by the BSPA that Cardiff weekend will now include both the Pairs and the 4TT, although why they chose to put the latter at Leicester is anyone’s guess!

I’ve said it before and I say it again... I am NOT a fan! Although, if this turns out to be only the 3rd year I won’t make it to Cardiff, then a wee jaunt doon the road I may have to make!

Why would I bother you ask, if I dislike the track so much? It’s ‘cos I love 4TT days... not just ‘cos it’s been a competition we’ve done well in, but it’s also a chance for me to catch up with the many friends I’ve made around the country in one place!

The social side of speedway has kept me going through some very hard times in my life... maybe I see that as one of the reasons I haven’t walked away from this brilliant spectacle that is our sport!

My son loves his broom-brooms too... and I’ve a husband, that for the second season in a row has a Bandits season pass! So, really no choice…..

Looking at the National League….. and in particular for the youngsters in the North... how pleasing that both Newcastle and Edinburgh will be entering teams in competition at this level.

It can only be good for development and the future of our teams up here for those young lads not having to travel hundreds of miles…

And talking youngsters... how about our own Leon racing against three-time World Championn Jason Crump!

Yes , Crumpy hasn’t ridden competitively for some years but when you’re as good on a bike as he was then you never lose it!

Anyhoo.... I’m back to having to do some winter Bank Shifts for getting the money in!

Catch you all soon
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