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Those who choose not to heed the advice of the estate dons to beat the rush and shoplift early for Christmas take the time to stop and stare at a countdown clock as they stroll from Tweedmouth’s finest supermarket laden with festive cheer.
As I write this piece it stands at nine more sleeps until Christmas. Ignoring for a moment the undisguised ageism that ignores the fact that those of us who have passed a certain age will certainly sleep more than once on any given day – it also targets the wrong December landmark.
Indeed it should be recalibrated immediately.
There are just four more sleeps to the Bandits’ Christmas Party – Friday, December 20, 7.30pm at the Black and Gold.
Not for the reasons that you might suspect but Berwick in the 1990s is an era that largely passed me by. In fact I was ensconced in the North West of England nurturing the fledgling careers of a number of promising young journalists who now mislead the public on a full time basis as political spin doctors.
So the heyday of both the Mike Hope Roadshow and the Steve Heywood Experience kind of passed me by.
Which will be remedied as, for one night only they join forces to swing the Black and Gold masses into Christmas.
All the Bandits bosses and management will be grilled to perfection like a cheese steakwich before the chaps take over the PA system.
It’s all free and there will be an opportunity for those who still don’t fully trust the Paypal t’interweb thingy to buy their discounted Championship league passes on the night.
Which also enters them into a Christmas Day draw when one lucky purchaser will have their money refunded and be able to watch the Bandits’ season freer than Paul Rodgers fronting a Freebird tribute band, singing a Wham song at Freedom Hall, Freedom, Wisconsin.
Even admission to the party is free.
Now every good party needs a morning after and the bosses have announced that they are opening up the tea bar and club shop between 10am and 1pm on Saturday for anyone wanting a sneaky late gift for the nearest and dearest – gift vouchers and season passes on sale again.
A busy weekend – see you there.