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Life is certainly busy right now...... working Tuesday to Friday on busy Chemo Units…... visiting Christmas markets….... my son’s birthday…... Christmas assemblies at school....... Christmas shopping….. . and trying to catch up on things when I finally pry my son’s hands off my phone!

Anyways... …. December 12th finally came along….. Election Day aka The Brexit Election… I begin to think of post-election days .... that my social media timeline would be free of the crap that had been clogging it up over the last few weeks!

How wrong I’d been! The major lefties following Labour are still at it... still dragging down my newsfeed clogging, it up with everything negative! Some very extreme people wishing the PM a slow, painful death! Now I’m no Tory follower at all…... I couldn’t bring myself to vote for our local Tory MP… .. I’m a very, very proud employee of our wonderful NHS…... I was brought up in a hard, working-class family on a council estate……. but come on UK! Pull up your big boys and girls pants and just knuckle down and face whatever comes to us WHEN and IF it comes…... live your lives for God’s sake! If you wanna bugger off to other places in the world on your magical horses, fed up of the UK, off you pop!

Now that I’ve got that off my chest ... aside from all the political tosh clogging up my feed, there’s been activity galore in the Championship!

The majority of the teams seem to be going heavier at the top end and ‘weaker’ as such at the bottom !

Redcar have just announced their team which sees them with Joe Lawlor and Jordan Jenkins at reserve... Leicester have the up and coming Thompson twins.. our own Bonny Bandits are going with Leon and new boy Kyle Bickley... New team in the League Kent will use Dan Gilkes and (likely to be the oldest rider in league by some way) Rob Ledwith... the Rebels from Somerset are likely to start with Anders Rowe and Nathan Stoneman... .. and Eastbourne’s Eagles have Jason Edwards and likely star reserve to be in the league, Drew Kemp!

One pleasing thing, well two actually, in this is that; A. Take a look at the names listed... all British and young... well, all bar one of them.

B. Despite their ages, we in Berwick have to feel very happy looking at our pair... they are the future! They have experience behind them.. Leon going into his 2nd full year of Championship racing and Kyle his 3rd! That’s not meant to put pressure on our lads.. just voicing that in comparison to others we more than match them!

Our friends down the road in Newcastle pulled a very surprising signing out the bag when they recently announced James Wright will be lining up for them in 2020 at reserve! This could potentially be a genius move from young Rob Grant... if the elder Wright can get back to somewhere near the level he was then -- sadly -- our friends will be laughing all the way!

Oh, and I know that teams aren’t yet fully complete.. but I’m not that bad at the speedway prediction game (am I Mr. Barrie?).... my prediction already for 2020 is that the Eagles will be soaring very, very high!

That is one good looking team on paper... they will dominate their home patch and the strength they have all the way through their team will see them pick up a fair few points in the road!

Anyways, time to pop off... cards to write.. presents to wrap... perhaps I may just make it to the big Xmas Party this Friday at the Black & Gold – and hopefully see some of you there…

Later, Banditos!

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