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Well... weekends and following days don’t go much better then what they have for me this week (which makes a change!)

My first wedding anniversary which was a lovely time to be with just my husband, minus child (sorry Alexander)....

Plus the Bandits had another big win against Newcastle (who I firmly did believe would push us all the way)…..

Plus my husband was the first-ever winner of the 5-1 draw...

Plus my son settled in beautifully at his new school on his first days! As a child with additional needs, for him to do this in a mainstream school was a massive step and one which makes me so proud of my boy!

Anyways, enough of my emotional gush!

Recalling the weekend just gone and our win, it was very pleasing to see how well and how quickly our new boy THJ settled into things!

He can gate, which to be fair, is half the battle in speedway, but he also appears to have the wherewithal of what is going on around him! A very welcome acquisition to end the season with!

We head up to Weegieland tomorrow and boy, oh boy, do things appear to be going a wee bit stale up there!

Last weeks home defeat against the Scorpions (by a whopping 37-53) certainly shook them up, brought them back to reality and reminded them that, despite what they spend, they ain’t got that much to show for it so far!

Yes, they have a much improved stadium and facilities but I’m sure the Facennas would have wanted more by now! IMO they certainly look to be the side that you’d want to pick as opposition in the Play Offs.

We go up with our former no.1 Ben Barker guesting in place of Spud ---- hopefully we can strike tomorrow and come away with a result………….

Talking of play offs... my pick... Redcar! They’ve quietly ticked along, and like us last season (although I know we missed out) they’re picking up right when the time matters.
Erik Riss recently winning the Championship Riders title, Charles Wright with the British title... semi-finalists in the KO Cup against Eastbourne and play off bound.

Although envious, I couldn’t be more pleased for a small band of my Redcar-supporting chums.

They’ve travelled God knows how many miles over the years, through the good times and bad, and are firmly being rewarded this season -- good luck to them!

And Saturday, we see the Lord Mayors show!

Our double-header against both of our Scottish counterparts….. I’m expecting a big crowd... a full hospitality box... an annoyingly amusing centre green presenter... two home wins with red hot on-track action... and said annoying centre green announcer to actually buy me the diet Irn Bru I’ve been waiting all season for.....

See you all there folks... and don’t forget the 6:30pm start time!
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