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Didn’t they do well?

By which I mean our promotion.

When Speedway Star threw open their pre-season predictions to Twitter and Facebook followers back in April to predict on the likely Championship finishing order, such worthies were pretty quick to predict a lower-order Bandito finish -- the projected table had us ninth of eleven. Aye, right......

Much has been pontificated over the club making no changes until NBJ’s dodgy shoulder introduced THJ for the last four matches – but the point sometimes missed is why they didn’t.....

Simply, there were no changes in the Bandit roster because the promotion picked the right seven riders in the first place.

Not only did no other club get through their year without at least a couple of changes – no other club was smart enough to pick seven riders like our Banditos, who finished fifth in the final table and ALL increased their averages as the year progressed.

Every man-jack of them!

None more so than the much-maligned Dany Gappmaier, who started on 4.84 and finished at 6.32 – that’s a whopping increase of 1.48 – with Leon just behind him with an uppage of 1.42.

So much for those who greeted the announcement of our 2019 line-up with scorn. Social media ‘experts’ who decried Dany as a no-hoper and Leon as ‘only being in the team because he was local’ or ‘hung out to dry in the Championship, unlikely to beat an opponent’.

Let’s give our promotion credit for knowing enough about speedway to choose their riders wisely and identifying a septet who could each increase his average as the season progressed.

Unlike worthies such as Craig Cook, Ricky Wells, Steve Worrall or Richard Lawson (to name but four) who have seen their starting averages go DOWN during the year just gone!

Just saying…………


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