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Yes folks, it’s 2020.... and right now it well and truly feels like we are heading into an apocalypse! At least that’s what you’d think if you’ve stepped into any of the local supermarkets at the minute!

COVID-19 has well and truly hit the UK.... shops closing... cinemas and restaurants closing... cities going into lockdown... and the annoucement yesterday that schools in England, Scotland and Wales will be closing!

We’ve seen bog roll flying off the shelves... why, I truly don’t know! Hand sanitisers and hand wash going out of stock.... pasta and tinned goods being emptied from the shelves!

We’ve seen Cheltenham stopped..... Euro 2020 now going into 2021...... the football leagues of the world currently postponed.....Glastonbury cancelled..... and --- the most important sporting horror of all --- the start of the 2020 speedway season delayed till the end of April at the very least!


And yet, my department of work, frontline on the NHS, treating the most immuno-compromised patients there are, well and truly carries on!

The stance the NHS takes when it’s backs are against the wall well and truly makes me a very proud employee!

I know what the risks are in my line of work; they were there before the Coronavirus struck and will be there after.... but it won’t stop me or the team I work with!

Dealing with chemotherapy means we work in very sterile conditions anyways and I’d like to think our patients will feel safe with knowing that!

I don’t know if it feels right in saying this but I’m feeling okay about life at the minute..... I’m a little bored yes, but i feel I am one of the lucky ones in the country knowing that i will be paid a full wage should I have to take time in isolation…... knowing I have job security..... knowing that because I’m classed as a “key worker” I can continue to send Alexander to school....

It’s also given me the chance to sit and binge on old WWE events and old speedway meetings...

In fact, just yesterday I took myself back to 2002..... to a meeting held at Coventry..... it had 8 teams in it..... each with 4 main men and one reserve!

There were a total of 28 heats in this meeting and the result wasn’t known till the end of heat 28….

Any Bandito will know what I’m talking about -- the day our Bonny Bouncing Bandits ruined the Arena Essex Roadshow.!

As I said at the start... I’m truly appreciating the time and small things in my life now……
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